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C Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine


C Z purlin roll forming Machine

Introducing the C Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine, a true game-changer in the construction industry. This state-of-the-art equipment effortlessly crafts high-quality C and Z-shaped purlins, ensuring utmost precision and durability. Designed with cutting-edge technology, it guarantees seamless production, reducing time and labor costs. With its sleek and ergonomic design, this machine seamlessly integrates into any workspace, maximizing efficiency and productivity. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, it delivers flawless results every time. Experience tranquility as you witness this machine effortlessly transform raw materials into perfectly formed purlins, bringing calm and harmony to your construction 


Profile Drawing For Reference

Standard sepcification: Width from 100-400 mm(4-15 inch) , Thickness from 1-4mm( 15-6 gauge ) , other specail size we can also customized.

C purlin making machine

Z purlin making machine

Processing Flow

Uncoiling → Feeding And Leveling →Punching/Pre-Shearing→Roll Forming → Auto Cutting →Products Receiving Table

Fully Automatic CZ Purlin Machine To USA

Raw Material


Material thickness: 1-4mm( 15-6 gauge )

Coil width :150-500 mm adjusted

Machine Frame

Machine base frame is made of U beam weld steel. In the main roll forming machine, there are 2 buttons for urgency stop in case any malfunction happens.

Material Of Rollers

High grade 45# forged steel

Roller material: Cr12 CNC processing heat treatment to HRC: 58-60 ,finish turning

Forming Stations

Roller stations :24 rows

Diameter Of Shafts

Φ85mm solid

Material Of Shafts

40 Cr CNC processing HRC28-32 ,finish turning and electroplate

Forming Speed

Max 30 m/min


480v/60hz/3p (As Requested)

Transmission Way

By 1.5 inch chain

Servo Power

60 KW

Cutting Blade Material

Gcr12 quenched treatment

Cutting Type

hydraulic post cutting


Sizes adjust by PLC control and button

C and Z section changing by PLC control

8T Manual Decolier For Free

Capacity:8 tons Coil inner diameter:450-550mm Feeding width: max 500mm Structure: welded by the steel plates and profiled bar. The shrink and expand of coil is automatic , Drive by Hydralic power.

Feeding And Leveling Device

There is an electric button here, which can automatically adjust the feeding width Leveling rollers: 3 up 4 down Roller material: Cr15 Roller diameter: 75mm Feeding width adjustment: automatic by button Make sure inputted steel sheet straight and neat and then roll forming process could be made accurate

Roll Forming And Transmission Device

Rollers material: Cr12 CNC processing heat treatment to HRC: 58-60 ,finish turning Roller stations: 24 rows , 12 unit roller

stations for C and Z changing. Shaft material:Shaft material: 40 Cr CNC processing HRC 28-32 ,finish turning and electroplate Drive

by Heavy duty chains: 1.5 inch

Hydraulic Cutting Device

Material of blade: Cr12mov quench treatment Length measuring: automatic encoder measuring,Tolerance of length is 3000mm+- 1.0mm You can manually adjust the cutter to cut different sizes of c/z purlin. You do not need to change new blade and this cutter is easy to operate.

Laptop-Type Control System

PLC brand:Delta(Taiwan) PLC, and transducer and touched screen ● Encoder brand:Omron ● Electrical components:Schneider ● Operating language:English and Chinese(or as requested) You can set the orders on this part,changing product length and quantity,it is really easy to operate,and there are aviation plugs to make it much easier to install the machine while it arrived.

Puching Unit With Hydraulic System

Station 1: Pre-Hydraulic shearing Station 2: Bottom center holes punching Station 3: Bottom double side holes punching Station 4: Each side flag holes punching

Servo Motor

Servo Motors are used throughout many industries and have the following advantages:

1. High efficiency

2. High output power relative to their size More constant torque at higher speed Closed-loop

3. control Quiet operation Highly reliable High ratio of toraue to inertia

4. High acceleration High-speed performance

5. Torque control

6. Smooth running

7. High accuracy

8. Well suited to varving load applications

Laptop-type Intelligent Control System

1. Select domestic high-end leading servo motor brand series - quality, production efficiency, precision leap (production efficiency increased by more than 30%) 2. Upgrade the intelligent control system - more intelligent and superior 3. High-end portable laptop operation - high-end convenience, mobile office, production, more than one step ahead 4. The first self-developed intelligent fast input software in China - liberating tedious input, improving work efficiency, one step ahead, one step faster (saving about 1 hour of working time per day)


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